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The goal of this project was to research additional methods of log in authentication to combat password fatigue.


This is to have direct benefits for Adobe by reducing Customer Support, contact volume, avoiding the creation of duplicate accounts, and increasing Customer Satisfaction scores.


Design research on password fatigue 

1:1 Interviews with 10 participants

Competitive analysis

Pitch concepts to product team

Design user flows, wireframes, visual designs

User testing and conduct design revisions 

Key Features

Users are sent emails notifying them of the benefits of security with the Authenticator app.
Users' logged out profiles are recognized as a reward of loyalty to make logging in easier.
Once the app is download, it encourages users by showing how secure they are in comparison to before.
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Competitive Analysis

Password-less sign ins, formerly known as authentication methods, exist in these following forms. 

Depending on the service, authentication methods vary amongst a fingerprint scan, 2-step verification, or social sign in. 

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The Current Log in Experience

The homepage offers the following 3 options: creating an account, logging in with a different ID, or with social sign in. This often confuses users who have various IDs and do not know how to identify themselves.
The goal was to clarify this experience with password-less sign ins. 

Chatting with Adobe Users

In addition to the current log in experience, I interviewed 10 users to further understand which password-less methods they were familiar with and preferred. 

I created an activity for users to rate each password-less method on the scale of secure to convenient as well as list their daily online accounts and rate the associated passwords on the scale. 

Convenient Users
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"I can only store so many (passwords) in my brain."

"I leave tabs open on my computer so that I don't have to type in my password again."

Preferred Login Methods

Auto Fill


Social Sign in

Control Users
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Preferred Login Methods

Authenticator App

Password Manager

Two Factor Authenticator

"This isn't a social dating app, this isn't a Seamless app, this isn't an account. This is something I take very seriously in terms of software livelihood."

Melnyk, Jenna & Lin, Tiffany (2017). Understanding Social Sign In [Powerpoint Slides] Retrieved from Adobe Goldmine

Minimum Viable Option

Adobe users waver between creating convenient or secure passwords depending on the purpose of their Adobe account. If they are creating professional work with Adobe's products and services, users pay more attention to creating a strong password. Whereas those who utilize their accounts as a hobby, they invest less in creating a strong password. With both behavioral archetypes in mind, biometrics was agreed to be both a convenient and secure method. 

Visual Design for the Admin Console team

Alongside my project with the Cross Cloud team, I wanted to take the opportunity to improve my visual design skills and utilize Adobe's spectrum branding to creatively redesign one of the web pages for the Adobe Admin Console. 

Working alongside the Admin Console team, I got to also learn more about the internal on-boarding tool for SMB users. 

Welcome Page

Initial Design

Visual Exploration