Revealing our identity through consumption.

Footage from 1958 in Oskua, Japan


We are what we eat.

The way we shape ourselves is through a series of choices.
Choices that we consume, whether physically or metaphorically.
In this world of instant gratification, we often view our daily food consumption as a secondary act in the midst of our busy lives. 
Yet, food does so much as to remind us of home. Our identities.
Our roots.
That’s worth holding on to.



Reserve a seat at the table


Your seat is officially reserved.

What is it?

Abundance is a wholesome dining experience guided by a conversation about home over a 3 course meal. Through food, it hopes to foster a sharing of culture, laughter, and growth. 

Carry on the conversation.

After experiencing Abundance, we encourage you to host your own dinner. This project hopes continues the conversation of home through the contribution of letters to this site. 
Feel free to download the guide below and I hope to see your letters submitted soon!
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Why is this important?

In a world full of instant gratifications and on-demand delivery, food has never been as accessible as it is now. 

Instant foods, countless restaurants have taken over a dining experience that used to be central to our heritage and identity. 

Food used to mirror culture, us. 

Now, it mirrors our over saturated society. 

What we eat, influences how we view ourselves and grow. 

Abundance designs a way to reflect while consuming to help influence a co-habitation between food, identity, and culture.